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5 Budget Friendly Best Printer Paper Options in 2024

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Best Printer Paper Options

How to Choose Best Printer Paper

Since 2020, the cost of best printer paper has surged by 25%, impacting consumers and businesses alike. This rise in paper expenses underscores the importance of making informed decisions to avoid overspending on paper products.

The ongoing shift towards a digital landscape has sparked discussions about the cost-effectiveness of printer paper. Despite the environmental and digital incentives driving this transition, many offices and businesses still rely on paper for daily operations.

Nevertheless, the trend towards reduced paper usage brings advantages, even for those who continue to utilize paper products. Beyond environmental benefits, cutting down on paper waste enables businesses to trim costs by opting for more economical printing options.

With the majority of sales and marketing activities now occurring digitally, companies can save on supplies by using budget-friendly printer paper for routine documents.

When selecting affordable printer paper, it’s crucial to review your printer’s specifications to ensure compatibility with your machine.

At Titan Office Solutions, our printing experts are committed to helping you navigate the printer paper landscape wisely. We understand the value of time and money and aim to optimize both for our customers.

In this article, we’ll outline the top five budget-friendly printer paper options in 2024, offering a quick comparison of price and quality to assist you in finding the ideal paper for your needs. If you’re seeking cost-effective printer paper, this guide is tailored for you.

Understanding the Costs of Printer Paper

Printer paper is commonly sold in reams, typically containing 500 sheets each. When assessing the cost of printer paper, it’s usually measured by the price per ream or per sheet.

Printer Paper

For businesses or offices with high-volume printing needs, printer paper can also be bought in cases or boxes, each comprising 5 to 10 reams. This bulk purchase option tends to be more cost-effective.

However, the pricing of printer paper can fluctuate based on factors like paper weight, brightness level, and finish. Therefore, when shopping for printing or copier paper, it’s crucial to consider its intended usage and compatibility with the printer to achieve optimal results.

5 Best Budget-Friendly Printer Paper Options

1. Amazon Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper

For those seeking affordable and swiftly delivered items, Amazon stands out as a prime destination. Priced at $9.99 for 500 sheets, the Amazon Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper is an excellent choice, especially for small businesses operating on a tight budget. At approximately $0.020 per sheet, its cost-effectiveness surpasses many competitors in the market.

One of Amazon’s advantages is the option to buy printer paper in bulk, catering well to businesses or offices with high paper consumption. This Amazon offering boasts a bright white color with a 92 brightness level, sized at 8.5 x 11 inches, making it compatible with both laser and inkjet printing.

Feedback from previous buyers reinforces its quality despite the low price, earning favorable reviews. This copy paper is a reliable option for businesses mindful of their expenses.

2. HP Bright White Printer Paper

The HP Bright White Printer Paper stands out as a top-notch budget-friendly option, especially for inkjet printer users. It consistently garners high ratings for its resistance to smudging and paper jams.

This matte paper of commendable quality, compatible with inkjet or laser printers, comes at an affordable price of $12.99 for 500 sheets. With a cost of approximately $0.026 per sheet, it’s an excellent choice for cost-conscious individuals who prioritize quality in their printing tasks.

You can purchase this printer paper directly from HP or conveniently online through Amazon, available in packs of 1 ream, 5 reams, or even bulk pallets.

While slightly pricier compared to other options, the HP printer paper’s availability in bulk pallets makes it a viable choice for businesses seeking quality and affordability in their printing paper.

3. Pen+Gear Copy Paper

As the most budget-friendly option among the choices listed, Pen+Gear Copy Paper is available at WalMart, either online or in-store, for a mere $5.32 per 500 sheets. With a cost per sheet of approximately $0.011, it stands out as one of the most economical options in the 2024 market.

This paper is branded under WalMart’s Pen+Gear line, though you can also find it on Amazon. While some users have reported shipping issues and occasional damages, the majority find the paper to be of good quality, suitable for both laser and inkjet printers.

The Pen+Gear printer paper boasts a brightness level of 92 and is sold in boxes containing 1, 3, 5, or 10 reams, catering to varying printing needs.

Given its affordability, Pen+Gear printer paper is a solid, budget-friendly choice, particularly ideal for small offices or general consumers seeking cost-effective printing solutions.

4. Xerox Vitality Multipurpose Printer Paper

Xerox’s Vitality Multipurpose Printer Paper is equipped with ColorLok technology, ensuring vibrant colors. Priced at $8.88 per 500 paper sheets, this option falls into the mid-range category, translating to a cost-per-sheet value of approximately $0.018.

Xerox boasts that this printer paper is 99.9% jam-free when used with digital high-speed printing equipment. It’s available for purchase in one ream, ten reams, or even a 5,000-ream carton.

With a brightness level of 92, Xerox’s Vitality paper slightly trails behind Hammermill Fore Multi-Purpose Paper, which is next on the list.

While not the cheapest option, Xerox’s Vitality Multipurpose Printer Paper offers extensive bulk buying options, making it an excellent choice for large businesses or offices with significant printing demands.

5. Hammermill Fore Multipurpose Paper

Priced at $8.69 for 500 sheets, the Hammermill Fore Multipurpose Paper stands out as one of the most economical options listed here. This bright white matte paper, boasting a Brightness level of 96, is ideal for various basic printing needs, ensuring vibrant and crisp prints.

Available for purchase online from multiple retailers, Hammermill printer paper costs around $0.017 per sheet, making it a cost-effective and standard-size solution for your printing requirements. It comes in packs of 1 ream, 10 reams, and bulk pallets to cater to different consumption needs.

Despite occasional shipping damages reported by users, the Hammermill Fore Multi-Purpose Paper receives excellent reviews, aligning with its reputation for quality and affordability.

For businesses seeking a budget-friendly printer paper option without compromising on brightness and quality, the Hammermill Fore Multi-Purpose Paper is a standout choice.

Choosing the Right Budget-Friendly Printer Paper

When it comes to printer paper choices for photo printing, the market offers an abundance of options. Among the best budget-friendly picks for both laser and inkjet printing are highlighted below.

Budget Friendly Printer Paper

In terms of pricing, the Hammermill Fore Multi-Purpose Paper and Pen+Gear Copy Paper stand out as the most budget-friendly options. However, the Xerox, Amazon Basics, and HP printer paper selections also offer affordability alongside high ratings.

Keep in mind that preferences vary greatly when it comes to photo printing. Some prefer glossy finishes, while others lean towards matte. The color vibrancy and overall aesthetic of your photos are entirely subjective. It’s advisable to explore several options to achieve the desired results.


In conclusion, choosing the right budget-friendly printer paper for photo printing depends on individual preferences and requirements. While Hammermill Fore Multi-Purpose Paper and Pen+Gear Copy Paper offer the lowest price points, Xerox, Amazon Basics, and HP options are also affordable and well-rated.

Whether you prefer glossy or matte finishes, vibrant colors, or subtler tones, there’s a printer paper option to suit your needs. Remember, the beauty of your printed photos is subjective and can be enhanced by selecting the right paper type. Explore different options to find the perfect match for achieving your desired results without breaking the bank.

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